The Different Astuce Clash of Clans that you can try

Secret tricks are always a part in any game. This is also true with the hit online game for the year 2015, the clash of clans. Clash of clans is truly an amazing online game that many people are getting addicted to it. Some say that their day is not complete without playing the game while other gamers say that COC can also be a place of meeting new people and eventually friends. This is because players in this game can create a clan which does not require its members to be friends in real life.

As what was mentioned earlier, tricks are also part of Clash of Clans. In the game, there are several astuce clash of clans. The following information will tell you about some that you may try later on, and see if it works great for your village and clan.


• The heart of the village is called Town Hall, destroying it will get you a star. • Looting is a trick that attacks the elixir collectors, elixir storage, gold mine and gold storage, in order to increase the amount of elixir you have. • In terms of attacking a village, it is best to make the giants in the vanguard position because they are hard to kill and at the same time they can protect the other weak troops behind. • Goblins are very useful in collecting the opponent’s gold and elixir because they are quick. • Goblins will not attack the opponent’s troop unless all of their resources are gone. This is why goblins are very venerable to attacks. It is not wise to put them in the frontline. These are just some of the many tricks that you can try in the game. Surely, they will be of great help in increasing your success rate when playing.

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